Gladiator Jackpot


Enter the arena clad in a plain suit of the armour and a simple gladiator’s sword, come out as a champion with the laurels thrown at your feet and the freedom within your grasp. This is the newest challenge and any misstep can cost you your life or worse.

Take the part of Maximus, general of the northern armies of Rome, as he becomes the “Spaniard” renowned gladiator of the arena. Exact your vengeance on the man who took the lives of your beloved wife and the child and fill your pockets with the purses full of gold at the same time.

The movie Gladiator, directed by no other than the great Ridley Scott, is a powerful tale of a man betrayed by no other than the strongest man in the Roman Republic, the new emperor himself. But the “Spaniard” does not back down and through countless arena battles the man who would become the saviour of Rome comes out a champion, of the people and of his destiny.

We invite you to enter the very same arena in this exciting new slot game with the same hunger and the spirit of the competition and begin your very own journey towards the power and glory. The Gladiator game at the Casino Tropez comes in three outstanding variations: the normal slots, the jackpot slots, and the scratch.

Types of Gladiator Jackpot

Sandals, Ancient Rome, weapons, helmet, armour and Roman Gladiators are the various types of the Gladiator Jackpot games which are being played extensively in various casinos in around the world. There are various individuals with various temperaments who play the different types of the Gladiator Jackpot games. The Sandals and the ancient Rome are the most played categories of this game.


The Gladiator Jackpot is an entirely thrilling, fun, exciting and extremely challenging slot game that will have you glued to your chair for hours together at a time. There are twenty-five possible available pay lines for you to pick from or use them all for a chance to win on every possible combination of the symbols.

The top prize for this terrific machine stands at around 5,000X your total line bet, and that is a sum worth going to battle for. Add to that, the ever growing progressive jackpot and two outstanding bonus rounds that can be particularly triggered at any point and you have a winner on your hands.

Gladiator Bonus

The Gladiator Bonus round is very short and full of the cold hard cash. It is particularly triggered when three wild symbols appear anywhere on the reels 2,3 or 4 and leads you to a screen with the nine helmets to choose from. Each of the nine helmets has a prize ranging between 1X and 5X your total line bet. You can click on each of the helmets and watch the prizes pour into your pockets.


The strategy is to walk into the famed Coliseum, the greatest battleground in the history of the glorious Roman Empire. The Coliseum Bonus round is particularly triggered when you, the hero, get three or more Coliseum scatters across all reels. Once inside the arena, you get to choose from four rows of prizes:

•   In the first row you are rewarded with a number of free games.
•    In the second row, you are rewarded with cash multipliers for those free games.
•    In the third row you earn the extra scatters during the free games you have already been given.
•    In the fourth row you receive extra wild cards for those free games.

Pick wisely and see your profits soar that may be sky touching.