Live Poker


The game of Poker has evolved from a Persian game called the ‘nus’. Others say it to have evolved from a French game called ‘brelan’ or the English game called the ‘bragg’ which means ‘brag’ actually.  In America, the poker historians firmly believe that the game was originally played in the region of New Orleans and was originally played with a twenty card playing deck which is not proved. Later the game shifted to the fifty-two cards playing deck and the variations were very well introduced using the various wild cards.  

Type of Poker games

The Poker games ranges from the very famous Texas Holdem, Omaha Holdem, Stud and the Five Card Draw. As you read along the various rules and the versions for the above mentioned games would be discussed

The very famous Texas Holdem game is actually played with a minimum of at least two to a maximum of ten players. It can be played in several versions such as the Limit, Pot Limit or No Limit whichever you choose to play.

The next game is Omaha Holdem. This game is same as the Texas Holdem and can be played in various versions like Omaha hi and Omaha Hi Lo.

Stud, another type of game in poker also has different variations. In here we have the Seven Card Stud, Seven Card High-Low, Mexican Stud and Caribbean Stud Poker.
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Texas Hold Em Poker is the most popular online poker game that is played all over the world in famous casinos. The main reason which is associated with this popularity is that it is very simple and has the maximum number of strategies of all the poker games. The essential qualities those are required for the player of this game is to possess the ability to read your opponents and be strategically determined while bluffing.
Along with these, the player also actually requires to be much well informed about the various basic strategies of these games and its rules. Once a player is very well acquainted with all these aspects, then it would help him to succeed in the best possible way.


Tips of Poker game

The biggest advantage of playing the live poker is that you can very easily analyze the opponents playing in front of you while you are actually playing so you should use this for your own benefit but at the same time remember your opponent will also be analyzing you as well. Talking on the poker table is relaxes the players and makes the table and the game even more exciting but you should know when to talk and when not to talk. One should not talk about the possessed cards in hand with the other players as he or she might give away the information about his or her hand. Sometimes players get sunglasses so that the opponent cannot look at their eye and get the hints.


The game of Poker is played with the chances and the luck. But a good player does not actually depend only on the chances and luck. His strategies decide the winning chances for him at the end of the day. Few of the wonderful strategies to be always remembered are to play conservatively and play little slow when the game begins. When you have the flush, you should positively raise high and should not draw your bets until and unless the odds are so. To build the pot the best way to do so is by over betting. While bluffing, it is advised to bluff in small bets so that even if you loose you loose minimum.